Tres Tiempos

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Tres Tiempos Artisanal Mezcal

Puebla, Mexico | 2018

The main goal was to develop the identity and packaging for the mezcal Tres Tiempos and to create a brand that met international standards and that appealed to North American consumers.

After conducting an extensive research on the current international and national markets we developed the main concept: handcrafted weaving from natural fibers as a symbol of good results taking time, love and also as a sign of union. The graphic solution is smartly integrated in all of the product’s elements, creating a cohesive buying experience that goes beyond only drinking mezcal. The family that crafted the weaving has been producing mezcal for generations, and their legacy makes the product unique and a representative of Mexico and Oaxaca all over the world.

We first designed the identity and visual language, as well as all communication materials like business cards, brochures and banners for sales. Subsequently, we designed the packaging and applied visual elements to every detail, like labels, straps, all the way to a handcrafted weaved sleeve for the bottle, crafted by Oaxacan families.

Mezcal Tres Tiempos Botella
Mezcal Tres Tiempos Logo Variaciones
Mezcal Tres Tiempos Botella y Etiqueta Close Up
Mezcal Tres Tiempos Lenguaje de Comunicación Animado
UMezcal Tres Tiempos Botella
Mezcal Tres Tiempos Tarjetas de Presentación
Mezcal Tres Tiempos Botella Tapa
Mezcal Tres Tiempos Lenguaje de Comunicación
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